Old Post and Aubrey

Aubrey Arms & Old Post

The A48 in the past was much narrower than today. The cottages on the right were demolished to may way for the road widening in the 1930's. The 1877 map of the village shows the houses clearly marked. The houses would have been just to the East of the telephone exchange.

The Old Post and Aubrey appeared to have changed little externally over the years. Pictures of the Old Post can be found here.

Ty Groes Early

Ty Groes/Ty Croes

This is a view looking back towards the Old Post. Ty Groes can be seen on the left. The Old Toll Gate cottage would have been just to the East of Ty Groes. The Old Post can just be seen in the distance. This and many of the photographs used on this site come from the Stewart Williams Collection with kind permission of his son Robert.

1877 Map Ty Croes


Llancarfan Cross

Llancarfan Cross

The Rectory/Laundry looks much the same today. The cottage on the left was also a victim of the road widening as was the cottage on the corner of Redway Road. Bonvilston Cottage can be seen in the distance. Note the curve of the road and absence of traffic!

1877 Llancarfan Cross

St Marys Downhill

A View to the East from St Mary's Church

This picture was taken outside the Church looking back down the hill towards the shop. On the left can be seen the thatched farmhouse of Pant y Ffynon and then lower down the Reading Room in it's original position. It was moved back from the road due to the widening. Beyond the Reading Room on the left is the Old Post Office also demolished.

St Marys Downhill

Maes Y Ffynon

Entrance to Maes Y Ffynon

The entrance to Maes Y Ffynon appears to be nothing more than a track. Probably around 20 years before the houses were built. Note the curve in the road and the large gardens in front of Village Farmhouse.

1877 Llancarfan Cross

Sheepcourt Cottages

Sheepcourt Cottages looking to the East

Apart from the wider road this view hasn't changed very much at all. Apart, that is, with the loss of the trees in the distance and the masts at Wenvoe!

St Marys Downhill


Outside Sheepcourt

Sheepcourt Farm is hidden behind the trees. You can just make out Sheepcourt and Hill Cottage on the left up the hill to Sycamore Cross. The pump which supplied water to the village before 1935 would have been just to the left of this picture.

1877 Llancarfan Cross